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Losing Belly Fat by Lifting Weights – Why It Works

When I initially started my weight loss efforts many years ago, I did cardio everything because the only thing on my mind was burning calories.

I would run on the treadmill, use elliptical machines, stationary bicycles, and any other piece of cardio equipment available in the gym.

My results were not the best. It felt like it took forever to lose any weight. When I switched to HIIT (high-intensity interval training) with bodyweight exercises and free weights, I began to have results.

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Will Saran Wrap Help Shrink Belly Fat Along with Preparation H?

There are a lot of strange methods that exist for shrinking belly fat. However, Saran Wrap (plastic wrap) and Preparation H are two that I would have never thought worked hand-in-hand.

I’m not particularly one for weight loss gimmicks but I was interested in learning how Saran Wrap and Preparation H are being used to help shrink belly fat.

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FitDeck Exercise Cards Review – Workout Anywhere and Anytime

NameFitDeck Bodyweight Cards
Price: Typically between $9 and $15

FitDeck Exercise Cards, Product Overview

I’ve had my FitDeck exercise cards for years now and still continue to use and enjoy them.

I have the bodyweight exercise deck. What I like most about these cards is that you can take them anywhere and workout anytime you want.

I simply shuffle the deck and use about 8 to 10 exercise cards at a time. You can do as many exercises as you want and since you shuffle the deck, your workouts are different each time.

The reps are at the top of each card. There are reps for novice, intermediate, and expert. Each card has a graphic representation of how the exercise is performed. You don’t need much space to do these exercises.

They can be done indoors or outdoors as long as you have enough room to jump and do push-ups. These cards work really well with an interval timer for doing HIIT bodyweight circuits.

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How to Get Back on Track with Weight Loss

Falling off the fitness track can happen to anyone. This is especially true around the holiday season. It is easy to give into all of the good food and promise yourself to start fresh in the new year.

Regardless of the time of year, if you have slowed down or even stopped maintaining your health & fitness goals, these tips may help you get back on track.

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The 3 Worst Foods for Belly Fat

Sometimes it is difficult for people to wrap their heads around all of the food they “should” be eating to stay healthy and lose weight.

For some of us, it is easier to remember what NOT to eat in order to stay on the weight loss track. This post will outline some of the worst foods for belly fat.

Some, if not most of these items, are considered common sense. However, it doesn’t hurt to revisit why they are not the best foods when on the road to losing belly fat.

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How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

The holidays are approaching fast. Winter is often the time that many of us eat a lot more comfort foods.

pumpkin pie

Who can say no to homemade soups, turkey dinners with all the fixings, eggnog, hot chocolate, and yummy desserts?

It is no wonder holiday weight gain is so common for so many people.

If you are already seeking out ways to stay on track with your weight loss during the holidays, this article will highlight a few methods you can use to avoid gaining weight during the holidays.

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6 Stealthy Exercises to Do at Your Desk to Lose Weight

Cubicle life can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. I should know because I’ve worked in a cubicle for a total of 8 years.

I can write a whole other article about the mental impact of cubicle living. However, this article will focus on the topic of exercising at your desk.

Many of us do not want to showcase that we are actually exercising at our desk. These are some stealthy ways to exercise without co-workers glancing your way as they walk past your cube.

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Is Eating One Meal a Day Healthy? A Quick How-To

I wrote a similar article on this topic many years ago and it received a ton of feedback. I was actually surprised at the number of people that practice eating one meal a day to manage their weight.

Most nutritional advice commonly says to eat between 5 and 6 small meals per day for weight management — at the very least, 3 meals a day.

However, there are many people who manage to eat one meal a day and manage their weight just fine. You still have to ask yourself is eating one meal a day healthy?

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