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Is Eating One Meal a Day Healthy? A Quick How-To

I wrote a similar article on this topic many years ago and it received a ton of feedback. I was actually surprised at the number of people that practice eating one meal a day to manage their weight.

Most nutritional advice commonly says to eat between 5 and 6 small meals per day for weight management — at the very least, 3 meals a day.

However, there are many people who manage to eat one meal a day and manage their weight just fine. You still have to ask yourself is eating one meal a day healthy?

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Are Resistance Bands as Good as Free Weights for Working Out?

I love resistance bands! They are convenient, take up very little space, and they are great to use for resistance training.

What I’ve wondered (and maybe you have too) is are resistance bands as good as free weights?

I’ve decided to find out if resistance bands are just as good as free weights or if they serve a completely different purpose.

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Should I Use Protein Powder to Lose Weight?

It is almost natural to consider supplementing with protein powder on your quest to lose weight. The question “should I use protein powder to lose weight?” is a common one.

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Protein powder supplements are plastered all throughout health magazines. Bodybuilders are known for drinking protein shakes before or after a workout.

Is it really necessary to use protein powder for weight loss?

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Power Walking to Lose Weight – A Quick How-To

If you think walking isn’t a good way to lose weight, think again. My job actually requires a lot of walking and I’ve managed to drop 6 pounds in one month from walking alone.

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When you think of power walking, you may picture someone walking quickly down the road while swinging their arms in an exaggerated manner.

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3 Key Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

There is more to developing strong core muscles than trying to have six-pack abs.

Although six-pack abs can result from strengthening your core muscles, there are better reasons to do so.

You may not realize how important a strong core is to our everyday functions.

The following benefits may get you to focus on your core muscles as part of your fitness routine.

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Brooks Women’s Running Shoe – The Ghost 9 Review

Brooks Women’s Running Shoe Overview – Ghost 9

Name: Brooks Women’s Ghost 9 Running Shoes
Purpose: Ideal for running or walking
Price: $120

First off, I will say that I am not an avid runner. If anything, I walk a lot more than I run. So you’re probably wondering why I chose the Brooks Women’s Running shoe.

I chose these shoes for the purposes of walking. We went to a Good Feet store and Brooks was a brand they carried and recommended.

I had never heard of this brand until today. The shoes I have been using for walking are not ideal.

After walking on average 3 to 4 miles per day, my feet were throbbing in pain. Once I tried on these shoes, I felt a huge difference.

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10 Huge Benefits of Meal Preparation for Weight Loss

A healthy diet is a key element of losing weight. This is what makes meal preparation for weight loss so beneficial.

The phrase “six-pack abs begin in the kitchen” holds true.

Even if you do not desire six-pack abs, your weight loss results are primarily determined by what you eat.

The following are 10 huge benefits of meal prepping. If you aren’t currently doing it, you may change your mind after reading this.

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